Wheelchair rental? A and Z Medical Supply is your trusted source for medical equipment rental. We carry a wide variety of medical equipment to assist with mobility or comfort issues after surgery or to aid in you indoor/outdoor mobility should the need arise. Here is a list of all the equipment we can provide.

Please contact us or stop in to rent equipment.

Manual Wheelchairs (including light-weight chairs) - These are designed to make life easier if long distance mobility may become an issue.


  • Lightweight wheelchairs: weight capacity - 300lbs. $45.00 per week, $80.00 per month.
  • Standard wheelchairs: weight capacity - 300lbs. $35.00 per week, $70.00 per month
  • Heavy duty wheelchairs: weight capacity - 300lbs. $55.00 per week, $120.00 per month.
  • Note: Heavy duty is not available but can be arranged.

Basic knee walker - This is a great assistive device that takes the place of crutches and is mostly used for post op use after ankle or foot surgery. The newest units are swivel in style and a blessing in disguise for the after surgery mobility issues.


Note – all the above items can be delivered by A and Z Medical Suppliers with full instruction and setup on delivery.

We are not accepting insurance at this time so all wheelchairs require a $100.00 deposit. Deposit may be waived if the person renting the chair has valid Ohio I.D. and credit card. There may be a delivery charge. Deposit may not be waived on wheelchairs that are delivered. Elevating leg rests are additional.