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Lift chairs are recliners that assist the sitter into the standing posture - in addition to assisting the sitter into the sitting position. They are perfect for people who have hip or knee issues, or just desire better freedom. This page will tell you more regarding lift chairs.

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Golden Makes the Difference
Golden Technologies' success — and the satisfaction of our customers — has been built on our foundation of lift and recline chairs. With six series and dozens of models to choose from, you will find the optimal combination of size, weight capacity, options and accessories. Rest assured, the chair that's just right for you incorporates the finest materials and most advanced technology, is assembled with attention to every detail, and stands up to rigorous quality control. That's what makes Golden Technologies the leader in our industry — and the choice of people across the world.

At Golden Technologies, we're on a continual quest to break the boundaries of comfort, convenience, performance and durability. Every Golden lift and recline chair:

  • Is hand crafted in our state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania.
  • Is backed by the industry's best warranty.
  • Provides the smoothest, quietest and securest lifting system.

  • Day after day, year after year, Golden is your first class ticket to well-being.

    Because Golden gives you more than any other lift chair manufacturer! Choose an American-made Golden lift chair because we use the highest quality materials combined with the most innovative technology, all backed by the industry's best warranties. Golden gives you the most comfortable and reliable lift and recline chair experience!

    Industry's Best Warranty Means Quality You Can Trust

  • Lifetime on wood frame
  • Lifetime on lift frame
  • Lifetime on recline mechanism

  • Choosing The Right Lift Chair
    If you're unsure as to which type of lift chair is best for your situation, consult the following guide to learn more about the options available to you when you shop.

    One Position
    One position chairs, also known as lift-only chairs, are the most basic of all lift chairs. They are designed to be very similar to the wingback chairs or dinner chairs you may already have in your home, except they come with a lift mechanism to help you get into and out of the chair. We recommend them to people who do not want a reclining chair or to those who want a chair that blends in more with their existing furniture. Because they do not recline, one position chairs are also priced very affordably.

    Two Position
    Two position lift chairs are basic reclining lift chairs. Like any lift chair, they have a lift mechanism to assist you in getting into and out of the chair. Once in the chair you can sit upright like you would in a non-reclining lift chair. However, you can also sit in a second position by using the hand control to recline back about 45 degrees. This position allows you to comfortably relax as you read or watch TV.

    Three Position
    Three position lift chairs allow you to sit in three positions after getting into the chair. The first position is sitting upright like you would in any non-reclining chair. The second position is sitting back at about 45 degrees where you can watch TV or read. The third position is sitting at almost a full recline. From this position you can fully relax or sleep. Of course, like other lift chairs, three position lift chairs have a mechanism to assist you in getting into and out of the chair.

    Infinite Position
    Unlike other lift chairs, infinite position lift chairs have two motors. One motor controls how the seat back reclines. The other motor controls how the foot rest raises and lowers. Using the hand control on an infinite position lift chair you can adjust the chair back and foot rest independently, in any combination, giving you an infinite number of positions to choose from.

    Zero Gravity Position
    Zero Gravity position lift chairs have dual motors like infinite position lift chairs, but add the ability to recline into the "Zero Gravity Position". This position puts your legs above your heart and creates an open angle between your torso and thighs. This position is often recommended for people who have circulation issues, lower back pain, or reduced long capacity.

    Not only does GoldenTech offer some of the most affordable lift chair models available on the market, we also carry the largest selection. No what matter combination of size, color, fabric, or style you are looking for, we can help you find a chair that best fits your needs. Choose from among 2, 3, and Infinite recline positions. With some of our models, you can also opt for luxurious heat and massage. Not sure where to begin? Give our lift chair experts a call and we can help you find the perfect chair for all of your needs!

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